Gameboy Life

Flappy Bird

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Inspired by the original game by .gear studios, we bring you "Flappy Bird" to the Gameboy, in color!


  • Compatible with both Gameboy and Gameboy Color
  • Super Gameboy Border
  • Parallax scrolling
  • High scores
  • Unlockable features

An official ASM cartridge. At ASM, we are dedicated to ensuring quality and collectability of our cartridges. This means our cartridges are built using all new parts, everything down to the cartridge shell is made from scratch. Our circuit boards and designs are all unique and made from the ground up. You will never see used parts, or “bootleg” cartridges with our releases.

Our dedicated homebrew cartridges can not be re-written, erased or modified. They are not simply flash cartridges.


  • 1 x Flappy Bird gamepak cartridge, with gold plated PCB
  • 1x Clear Blue ASM cartridge case protector