Gameboy Life


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Note: All cartridges ship pre-flashed with LSDj and LittleFM. You will be prompted for LSDj license proof after purchase.

The FIGHTERCART 16m flashable cartridge is finally here! Ideal in conjunction with ALTANE, this cartridge is fully compatible with LSDj, and LittleFM. 


  • 16m ROM
  • 1mbit RAM (Optimal for LSDj)
  • LittleFM support
  • Custom manufactured "ASM" battery clip for maximum battery size

An official ASM cartridge. At ASM, we are dedicated to ensuring quality and collectability of our cartridges. This means our cartridges are built using all new parts, everything down to the cartridge shell is made from scratch. Our circuit boards and designs are all unique and made from the ground up. You will never see used parts, or “bootleg” cartridges with our releases.


  • 1 x FIGHTERCART cartridge, with gold plated PCB
  • 1x Clear purple ASM cartridge case protector